Monday, March 16, 2009

Skiing at Verbier

This past weekend Rob and I headed up to Verbier in the Swiss parts of the Alps. It is pretty close to the intersection of France, Italy, and Switzerland. We had to drive up and around the lake thru Montreux and into the Alps. This way, we avoided any French freeway tolls and super windy roads thru the French part of the Alps near Chamonix. It has been way too convenient for us to just ski in France but we really wanted to try out a Swiss resort. We were not dissapointed.

We got SUPER lucky and parked at the top. It was really difficult to find a parking spot and many had resorted to parking at the train station and taking an additional telecabine up the hill. We drove right through the Verbier village itself and parked in the second closet spot to the entrance. We were grateful because we hate walking in ski boots.

The Verbier resort has a ton of different lifts and different levels of slopes. I always stick with the super easy if I can. Because I stick with the super easy, I am normally skiing on roads covered with snow and share the pathways with cross country skiers, snow shoer's, and hikers. Rob adventured a little further and took some red slopes and mogul's down a few sections. I definatly fell a few more times than I wanted to this weekend, but people were pretty nice and helped me up! The British were being very helpful!

We decided against packing a lunch and enjoyed a "pizza au thon" and a "oeuf/fromage crepe". Since we ate at one the mountaintop restaurants we got to enjoy the sunny deck and the amazing view. It was definately worth the overpriced food.

Here's some pics from the weekend.


Sitting on a chair lift

Alps were amazing

See the dog sled team?

On the drive down the mountain

Wouldn't this be fun to ride?

Us and a View

The St Bernard was so damn cute. It posed for pictures with people and crossed its front paws. 

Hot chocolate, lunch, and a view. 


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