Sunday, March 8, 2009

Geneva Car Show

Here are finally some more pictures from my 2 job as press at the Geneva Car Show.  The work was for a US based company that were looking for a few local people with the time and energy to go. My assignment was to go to the vehicles assigned to me, and photograph them at over 300 different angles each. It was actually quite exhausting.  People were climbing in and out of them constantly and it was hard to get pictures without people in them.  I even had to get pictures of the chassis and engines and got strange looks for booth attendants in the process. Another pain was the car models. Oh yes - the models would lay on the car, hang out by the doors, and sit in the driver's seats. They seemed mad that I was more interested in photographing the steering wheel controls then their legs. I finally learned the real reason for car models at the show. If there is a model on the car, the more attention that car gets. There are more photographers and people oggling the goodies (the car's and the ladies) when they are there.  The best benefit of the car show was the press lounges. VW by far had the best lounge, and I hung out there a lot. How can you pass down free drinks, appetizers, and desserts? I also frequented the Kia and Alpha Romeo stands for a tea, coffee, and champagne. There were a few really fancy press parties at the Citroen and Renault stands that I couldn't get into. Anyways, enjoy the photos! 

A really cool display and a classic mini. 

A sign at the Mini booth and a huge plug at the Volvo booth

Concept car by Dacia with a bike inside. The Mini booth with a really cool ice cube theme. They had a fabulous bar and DJ at the booth. 

View from the VW Press Lounge. Partial overview shot of Car Show. 

Hanging out in the press lounge. With drinks and food. Yum. 

The VW Press Lounge. To think this is a temporary structure is amazing. 

The sleek Alpha Romeo press lounge. I had some champagne. :)


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