Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This is the end. The END.

Rob and I have been back in the states for about 3 months now and have compiling this list for awhile. We might keep adding on to it as time as goes on. We have truly enjoyed our experience as expats and wouldn't have changed a thing. In summary this blog has been an outlet for us. We were able to record our experiences, share our stories, and share our pictures. Thank you for reading. I am very much a list person and hopefully this list will encompase what we miss . . .

Why we loved Geneva . . .

1. Asking for the bill. No push or rush to leave the table.
2. Fresh foods. Less processed packaged stuff. Farmer's markets close and abundant.
3. Clean yummy cold tapwater
4. Fresh baked bread from the Migros bakery everyday.
5. Walkable. Didn't take long to get anywhere.
6. Small tips. Servers on salary and not making their living off of tips.
7. Public transportation. We could both have beer out and not worry about who was driving us home!
8. Farmer's markets and locally grown foods. We will forever miss Ferney's Saturday morning market.
9. Yummy dairy. Cheese!
10. Well trained drivers and parallel parkers.
11. Small streets. Max 3 lanes.
12. Well connected to the rest of Europe. Feeling like we could be somewhere fun within minutes.
13. We miss not being able to understand everything. The mystery in language is gone. It was blissfull not knowing what everyone was saying.
13. . . . will continue to add to this list as time goes on . . .

What we will not miss in Geneva . . .

2. No free refills or ice
3. Too much pocket change
4. Expensive food when eating out.
5. "Hoarding at boarding". The idea that there is NO line when embarking on a plane or bus.
6. No Queue's and constant cutting in lines. Excuse me? I was here WAY longer then you. This goes along with . . .
7. Little consideration for others. Everywhere in the world has these types of people, but I seemed to notice them more here.
8. Lack of hot sauces and condiments.
9. Authoritarian assholes at the borders. This is a LONG story.
10. Lack of fountain sodas.
11. Lack of toilet seat covers. The spray to wipe the seat doesn't do it for me.
12. Impatient drivers. I'm sorry I didn't accelerate fast enough for you to the next red light.

Merci bou coup to all the followers this year! Especially to the other swiss expats and our family! Our adventure is over and life will move on in the states. We'll probably start a new blog eventually, but right now, things are too busy. Lots of Hugs! Au Revoir!


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Tina & Rob have relocated their lives to Geneva, Switzerland. This blog is a story of their adventure during the year and all the details inbetween.

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