Friday, December 26, 2008

TR Visits! & Christmas Time

Christmas Dinner - Fondue!

Our first visitor Tina R came to visit for Christmas! We were very happy to have her stay with us and we did our best to show her around. We met up with Ms A, B, and Tina at the airport. Ms A&B took the train immetiatly after landing to go meet up with relatives. Tina stayed in Geneva with us for a few days and we tried our best to get her over jetlag and make the most of her time. 

We ventured out her first day up to Gruyere and did the cheese making tour. Not a lot of action but some pretty scenery at the castle. We then headed back down to Lac Leman and went to the Montreaux christmas market. The scenery was beautiful but unfortunately the clouds didn't lift to reveal the Alps. The christmas market was smaller then the one we visited a few weeks ago but had a lively atmosphere. Rob and I tried the Montreaux Tea and Rob had his spiked with Rum. It was very delicious. It was sweet and hot which was nice contrast to the cold wind by the lake. Tina R tried some spiced wine. We also surveyed all the German food that was being sold and marveled at the expensive prices! A nice home cooked meal was awaiting us at home that evening so we didn't partake. It did smell yummy though! 

Montreaux - A picturesque city by the lake.
Do you know the song "Smoke on the Water?" This is town referred to in that song! 

The chestnut roaster posed for me. Notice the pots at the end of the row? 

Tempting German Swiss Food

Artistic Snow Shot
An old "echo-y"church at the castle

Group Picture

Tina R and the snowy alps

Looking below from the medieval town on the hill

The Gardens at the castle. 

Gruyere - With "Cherry" the voice of our guide on the headphone tour. 

The second day of her visit was the obligatory tour of Geneva including Place Du Nations, St Pierre Cathedral, and several shopping havens. For lunch we went to the downtown Manor and eat the top story restaurant. I really wanted the pasta but had to watch several people order it before I felt comfortable enough to order it too. I tried to be prepared for the questions the chef asks beforehand so I know how to respond. For example, I needed to be prepared on what type of pasta I wanted and what color sauce. Also I needed to turn down the option to add chicken or shrimp. Tina R took the "safe" route and got "Soupe De Legumes". (Vegetable Soup) 

Christmas day we relaxed at home and watched "Love Actually" on DVD. We ventured out in the afternoon and headed to a tiny little small town called Echallens. We saw a Christmas concert being advertised free on the internet so we checked in out. It was a full house! The venue was a tiny church of only about 20 rows of pews. The three of us ended up standing in the upper balcony and having to look over a few people to watch the performance. About 80% of the way thru the concert, TR started to feel faint and we rushed downstairs before she got a chance to pass out. It was getting hot up in the balcony so it was totally understandable. A nice swiss woman who seemed to be associated with the church gave her some watered down lemonade to sip.  We left a few songs after we came downstairs and headed home. We prepared a traditional swiss fondue for christmas dinner complete with cornichons. We made a ton of phone calls on Skype and between the 3 of us spent over 2 hours on the phone! Overall, we had a great christmas and spent it with a great friend!

Tina R took off this morning on a train to go meet up with Ms A&B. But E&M arrive in just a few hours! We are off to Brussels, Amsterdam, and Paris. We'll be back to Geneva on the 4th! Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!!! 


Rich December 28, 2008 at 12:49 PM  

Christmas pickles? Were you dipping pickles in fondue cheese? WTF? Marry X-mas. Wish we were traveling with you. xoR&L

Jessica January 7, 2009 at 1:46 AM  

Love the photos. Looks like you are having fun!

Jessica February 8, 2009 at 11:42 AM  

Hello Mrs. Tina... I could not find your email address, but wanted to send you your interview questions tonight! Here ya go. Thanks for reading the blog and I cannot wait to read your answers!

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Let’s go!

- Where do you think you would be right now if not in Switzerland?

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- Why do you blog and which blog/s inspire you most?

- And stealing from Ms. Mac, if you had to choose a flavor of ice cream that most fits your personality, what kind do you think you would you be? Feel free to make one up if necessary.

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