Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Random Internet Findings

Have you ever seen in the US those really cheap frozen pizzas in the freezer section that are 99 cents or so? Totino's is the main brand and it comes in a bright yellow box. Growing up I used to heat these up in the toaster oven and have a serious snack. Now I realize how much processing and preservatives goes into them. Oh well. Live and learn. I wish I did know about this - rolling them up! Mmmm. I have a soft spot for those little cheap pizzas too.

Live in San Francisco? This article made me wish I was there. I am normally opposed to food off a truck. For good reason too. The lunch trucks that show up at jobsites smell like 3 day old fried chicken. I also feel like I need to speak Spanish to get my order just right. Too much of a chance to catch Hep B or Gastroenteritis. The lunch truck described in SF though - looks very much the opposite. 

Govenor Blagojevick got caught trying to sell a senate seat. How disgusting.  It does make you wonder, how many other politicians are doing dirty things. All of them? Where are their ethics? Where are those very American ideals of fairness and equality? He sunk to a serious low. I think we are lucky he was caught in time. 

We are having a UCI Christmas Dinner tommorow night. I am making dessert. Check out the recipe I am using. I think I am going to add some banana rum sugar topping to it. Rob discovered that our "microwave" oven is also a regular convection oven as well. We couldn't tell right off the bat since everything is in french. 

Happy Human Rights Day! UDHR (United Declaration of Human Rights) was passed 60 years ago today. There are a ton of articles out there that are showing the roadblocks in the way. Here is an interesting one about Islamic culture and the direct conflict with human rights. 


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