Sunday, December 21, 2008

Strange Things About Being in Limbo

Since Rob and I are in a limbo stage of our situation here in Switzerland we experience some cool upsides and some not so fun downsides. I thought since we are coming to close of this part of our experience it would be worth reflecting.


1. Living in the apartment hotel has its benefits. We have a cleaning service one a week! It is nice to have fresh towels and a clean dishcloth.

2. No longer living at the CERN hostel and having to eat Restaurant 1/2 food for every meal - every day. No food was allowed in the rooms themselves and the communal kitchens weirded us out. There is something yucky about sharing a kitchen with a whole lot of strangers you don't know.

3. We get to experience the french countryside living. Therefore, we will never wonder if we made the right choice to live in Geneva city proper. See Downside #3.


1. Not cooking in our own kitchen. We really miss our non stick pans, cutting boards, graters, and chef knives. We had to buy a can opener because we couldn't live without it. Seems a bit sad huh?

2. No oven. That means no baking, broiling, warming, toasting, etc. This severly reduces our food choices and variety. We are stuck microwaving or frying.

3. Not close to public transport and the city life. Many CERN scientists live in the French countryside simply because they have large families and it is much easier to find an apartment or home to live in here.

4. We are afraid to buy the small ingredients since we don't want to store it all when we go traveling. We debated yesterday whether we should buy soy sauce or not.

5. We haven't unpacked our 6 large boxes of stuff we brought over. If we haven't been able to "live without it" we drove to storage and rumbled thru the boxes and pulled it out. This included some winter clothes and Cholula hot sauce we packed.


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Tina & Rob have relocated their lives to Geneva, Switzerland. This blog is a story of their adventure during the year and all the details inbetween.

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