Saturday, November 22, 2008


It snowed most of Saturday with some splashes of sunlight and blue skies mixed inbetween. Rob and I bundled up and went to lunch with his advisor Daniel and his wife in Ferney-Voiltare. Ferney is right on the french side of the border and actually home to a lot of expats who have children and want to live a hybrid french country town/close to city atmosphere. A fantastic thing about Ferney is that they have a superb farmers market on Saturday. 

Get ready for this one folks, this is going to be a bold statement. It beats SLO hands down in the fresh produce department. They also have quite a few "bonus" stands I shall say. There are at least 5 different french cheese stands. I can't even tell you how long I spent staring at the chevre. The stand people are really friendly and willing to cut off small pieces of this huge wheel for you to try and sample. There are a couple really large seafood stands with everything you can thing of. Everything looked really fresh like it was trucked in that morning. There are also butchers and fresh bakers as well! I was in heaven. If anyone visits us and we stay in town for a Saturday - we are going!   SLO still definitely beats Ferney in lot of categories including atmosphere, food, scale, and entertainment. 

I'll post pictures the next we go and I remember my camera. 

Most of the day the snow wasn't sticking to the ground and melting as soon as it landed on the ground or us. Rob and I looked out our hotel room window last night to the surprise that everything is sticking! We don't expect it to last thru the day Sunday so I got early this morning and took a few snapshots. 

Building 40? From Our Window

Restaurant 1 To The Left From Our Window


Saturday Night - Snow Stickyness!


Jessica November 23, 2008 at 4:23 AM  

The snow is great! We have it in Zurich too. Good look on the apartment hunt - have you found something yet? And keep up the blog. it is great.

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