Wednesday, November 26, 2008

2 Years Married - and a Mercedez Benz

If you would have asked Rob and I where would you be in two years the day we got married. The answer would not have been Switzerland. But two years later, here we are. I love Rob more then I did when we first were married. We have grown a lot since then and our marriage  is as strong as ever. I am sure it will just keep getting better and better. At the bus stop this morning Rob mentioned that we have been together for 20% of our lives now. Wow - the percentage is such a Rob thing to say. :) I love him dearly. 

Since we are still stuck without our apartment till Jan 3rd we kept this anniversary as low key as possible. We hung around Geneva and went the St Pierre Cathedral in old town. Underneath the cathedral we knew of some archaeological ruins but always just thought it was a small collection and nothing interesting to see. We really wanted to get out of the cold wind so we paid the 8CHF and went inside. We were very surprised on how large of a space it was. A video described the several phases (quite complicated) of the modern cathedral we know today. The dig was just done in the late 80's/early 90's and it seems to be completely underneath the city and the cathedral.  There was stuff dating back to Roman times and some of the oldest stuff dated back to 4 BC.  Here are some pictures:

Watching the history of the different phases and looking at a scale model

Freezing Outside St Pierre's Cathedral In Old Town Geneva

Voussoirs - A Part Of The Arch :) These are Roman!

Rob and the different layers of the floor/walls showing some history.

One of the first baptism wells ever!

Funerary Cult Room

He is from right around 40 AD. A Chiefton.

Amazing tile floor! This is where the Bishop sat and saw people and blessed them.  (Roman)

The length of the old church (underneath the modern church)

When we got outside the ruins we were surprised to hear really loud shouting and a bullhorn followed by cheering. Just around the corner was probably 700 people all protesting something. We didn't get too close and couldn't read the french signs and flags. The little newspaper this morning said it was the socialist party and somebody's sign said Obama on it. We still have no idea what the ruckus was about.

We went to Thai food for dinner at this great little place I got recommendations on called "Na Village". We ate and had a bottle of crisp Pinot Grigio. The waiter accidentally brought out a bottle of red and started to open it and Rob has to stop him since it was the wrong bottle. We felt a little guilty about sending it back after he pulled off the foil but we wanted white with our Thai. Thank goodness too since the bottle he tried to open was 88CHF. Rob had a papaya salad and pad thai and I ate poulet spring rolls and prawns in a house curry with noodles. It was the best meal we have had so far in Geneva. A bonus was there were a couple of women doing traditional Thai dancing in costumes on stage during dinner. Ya know, the kind with the long finger extensions? Have you read what it going on in Bangkok/Thailand? If you haven't I suggest you do!

Benz! ~A160 Elegance ~ Not Sold In US. 

This is probably the only time in our life that we'll own a Mercedez but it was such a good deal. It was offered around 2,500CHF under "blue-book". (They call is something else) We put a deposit down on it and the dealer is dealing with the Swiss DMV for us to get license plates and insurance taken care of. In Switzerland the license plates follow you around, not the car. Also insurance is a little backwards. They insure you then bill you. No payments have to be received before you actually have insurance. Trustworthy. 

It is a green color inside and out and gets great gas mileage. It is also a semi-automatique. That means that you shift the gears, but there is no clutch. Odd? If you are curious we bought is for 7,400CHF which is right around $6,300. Not a bad deal. It had around 70,000 miles on it and came with "winter" tires. 

Other small tidbits from the last few days:

- Crazy Russian guy on the train talking obnoxiously loud and everyone staring. (The Swiss are quiet and polite on public transport)

-  We had a starbucks - one grande chai tea and one tall halzelnut mocha - 16CHF!!! Damn it is expensive here. 

- We are really getting tired of potatoes prepared all ways, couscous salad, and bread. (Well - at least I am)

- The exchange rate keeps going up and down. 

- Our winter "holiday" is coming up fast and getting more excited to see M&E soon! Our hotels are booked in all the cities and we are ready to bring in the new year.

- Rob and I are "skipping" Thanksgiving since it is not celebrated here. Oh well. No turkey day for us. I hope everyone back home eats enough for us too! 


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