Sunday, May 18, 2008

Catching Up!

I often find myself saying, "I should blog about that", and never actually do it. So to try to make up for the past few weeks of thinking instead of doing - here is a big list of things on mind.

1. B. Bhutto - Rob and I have been listening to her book "Reconciliation" and have been deeply involved in her story. She was an amazingly strong woman and I don't think she got enough recognition when she was assassinated. The links between Bush and the Pakistan military rule are disgusting. We can only listen to the book for at most an hour at a time. It become pretty mentally exhausting to listen to. It is also chilling to hear her write about the real danger of being assassinated and what it meant for here family. It's wierd it came true. 

2. LEED AP - Next Saturday is the big test. I need to really get my butt into gear and put the nose in the books. I haven't studied like this since college and I am really out of practice. Who knew working full time and then coming home to study is a wear and tear on the mind. I have been accustomed to letting my mind go blank in the evenings.

3. China & Myanmar - Terrible. I especially think the military rule in Myanmar is killing its own people. I also think they believe they have a right to do so if they please. Let me type that again. I think they believe they should be allowed to kill their own people if they want to. Terrible to say - but some people really do believe they hold the power over other people's lives. Personal power is a greedy thing. I was also shocked at the story of all the school's that have collapsed in China. These schools were not designed to take such terrible quakes and had very little steel in them unlike the big beautiful government buildings a few miles away.

4. Travel next year - three places have been added to the list of possible travel places for next year. Italian Rivera, French Rivera, and the "Spice Islands" off of Tanzania. 

5. Does the military require troops to go through cultural sensitivity training? It sickens me to hear of a man of the US Military shooting at the Koran. Pathetic.

I know there was much much more - but that's all I can think of for now.  


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