Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Beers Of Our Winter Trip

This post has taken me a little while to put together since it required some internet research and recalling some slightly fuzzy memories. Here is finally a comprehensive list of the beers consumed on the winter vacation trip. Or at least as many as I had pictures for!

Location: Prague
Beer: Original Budweiser or Budvar (Bud Super Strong Red Label) 7.6% - Served From the Tap
For more information: Wikipedia Link or Brewery Link

Location: Prague
Beer: Bottled Drak brewed by Pivovar Starobrno in the Czech Republic. 6%
Notes: It was served way too warm and was pretty terrible. No wonder it was being sold in the supermarkets for 75 cents a bottle. 

Location: Prague
Beer: The Orginal Pilsner Urquell at the UPinka Bar and Restaurant made by the Plzensky Prazdroj brewery- 4.4%

Bonus - First Pilsner Urquell Tap Ever!

MC Surveying our delicious beers and contemplating drinking them all himself.

Location: Enkhuizen, Netherlands
Beer: Hertog Inn Bar House Brew Dark

Location: Amsterdam
Beer: Palm by the Palm Brewery. 5.2%

Location: Brussels at the Delerium Cafe
Beer: Chimay Blue by the Chimay Trappist Brewery. 9%

Location: Brussels at the Delerium Cafe
Beer: Brugge Trippel by the De GoudenBoom Brewery in Belgium 8.2%

Location: Brussels at the Delerium Cafe
Beer: Either Delrium Christmas or Delrium Noctorum. Not quite sure which it is. 
Brewed by the Delerium Brewery - 9%
Side Note: E & M took this very glass from the bar as a souvenier. 

Location: Brussels at the Delerium Cafe
Beer: Petrus Aged Ale By the Brouwerij Bavik Brewery
Notes: TERRIBLE. Tasted like it was rotting. It does not go well with anything. YUCK. The "aged" factor does not help. 

Location: Prague
Beer: Master Dark- Best beer of the trip! - 7%
Brewed by Plzenjy Prazdroj
(sorry I can't figure out how to type the accents on the the words!)

At U Zavesenyho Kafe in Prague - Enjoying our Master Beer. :)

All Done - We need another round! 

Location: Prague
House Brew of Pivovarsky Dum Restaurant -Dark House Brew
This place happened to be across the street from our hotel and we ended up eating and drinking here twice. The food was very good and had great prices. 

Location: Prague
House Brew of Pivovarsky Dum Restaurant - Light

Bonus Pictures - Some DELICIOUS Czech Food.
Roast Pork, Saurkraut, and Bohemian Dumplings. 

Bohemian Dumplings and Goulash

Schnitzel and Roast Duck - Drool


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