Thursday, January 29, 2009

Speeding Ticket!

Damnit! We recieved in the mail yesterday our very own Swiss speeding ticket! On January 15th somewhere in Morges, driving between Lusaunne and Nyon, a camera caught me going over the speed limit tolerances by 8 km/hr. Only 8 km/hr over!!!!! (That's only 4.9 mph) Argh. It it seriously hard to tell when driving here when the speed limit changes from 60 to 50. The national speed limit for city driving is 60. Small little towns can set their own and set up speed traps like the one I went through.  

Oh well. Speeding tickets don't effect insurance prices at all here and it is only 40 CHF. Switzerland has a lot of these speed cameras around and it is hard to see them all. I have noticed several of them on the A1 route between here and Ikea near Lusaunne. I am pretty sure during this drive I was honked at several times for going too slow! Rob actually laughed when he saw it. 

I guess this whole thing can be chalked up to a real Swiss experiance? We think so. 

Explanation of the speeds and tolerances

Cameras don't have to provide the pictures like they do in the states.
The pink part is the bill you pay at the post office.


Amanda January 29, 2009 at 6:28 AM  

That's no fun, but I'll take a CHF 40 ticket over a $250 one any day (that's what I paid in May last year for speeding on my way to work. aarg.)

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