Sunday, September 14, 2008

Massage & Ebay

Today I got my very first profesional massage! It may seem odd to some people that I have never been before now, but it never seemed to be necessary or affordable. E had a guest coupon and I jumped on the opportunity! I was a little unsure on how "naked" I needed to be but the lady was very nice and explained that a sheet would be covering all that needed to be covered. I felt a little adventurous and stripped down to just my undies. Some parts were kinda painful but overall relaxing. I actually feel like my posture is better and I feel a little taller. I also felt damn oily afterwards. Is that odd?

Rob and I have been working on selling stuff so we don't have to store it when we are gone. It is a big sacrifice for Rob but he has decided to sell some of his precious radio electronics on ebay. While doing the photographs today I learned a little bit more about Rob as teenager. He is selling some electric wave measuring machine.... (I don't remember the name) and he informed me that he used to look at his brain waves with it. I was more perplexed then anything and he exclaimed.. "What do you expect a smart 15 year old kid with lab salary to do?" Point taken. My husband is a genius, and was experimenting trying to get a computer to work off of his brain waves a teenager... wow. At 15, I think I was still trying to hitch a ride with my mom to the mall and kill my brain with movies and fast food. Haha... Opposites attract! 


The Bowers! September 16, 2008 at 9:50 AM  

Yes, your hubby is indeed a genius!

You shouldn't get rid of stuff like that--it will be worth millions someday when he's a bujillionaire saving-the-world physicist.

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