Saturday, August 30, 2008

Crappy Lettuce

Not much is worse then crappy lettuce. Well, a lot of things are worse . . . but crappy lettuce ruined our day.

Rob and I headed out this morning to Fry's to get a hard drive to fix the Powerbook and a CD holder for all of our DVD's. I don't really enjoy going to Fry's for the shear fact of all the nerds inside. Oddly enough, it is a boost of self confidence to be "ogled" by nerds no matter how weird that sounds. We ended up buying our items and coming home. Immediately after opening them, we both were disappointed and bought the wrong things. To cheer ourselves up, we headed out to redeem our bucket of change at a coinstar and grab some lunch before heading back to Fry's across town. 

At lunch - our first encounter with bad lettuce. Just the edges though - still gross.

This evening we went to the Orange International Street Fair.  Don't get me wrong, I love street fairs, but this was just low class and put together wrong. There were way too many people, too many smokers, and bad selection of food. The booths sat in the middle of the streets making walking around awkward and claustrophobic.

To escape the crowds but still be at the fair we went into a diner that Rob recognized as being on the Food Network show about old Americana diners. This place definitely had an old feel about it so we sat at the bar and ordered our dinner. When the food arrived, Rob once again had crappy lettuce. This time it was rotten brown and a slimy. He didn't eat his garden burger and there was no obvious supervisor in the whole place to complain too. We didn't leave a tip and took a picture to post soon. If I was the owner, I sure as hell would want to know about that quality of food that was being served. 

On the up side, the powerbook "project" is almost complete and I'll have my very own laptop! The coinstar machine gave us a $78 itunes giftcard from all the change I have been collecting that Rob just leaves around the house for the past few years. Also on the plus side, Rob and I are looking forward to Erin's dinner tomorrow night and found some good variety of wines to bring along. (HI ERIN - cause I know your going to read this!)


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